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At the core of the business is an on-going research programme that collates, validates and standardises demographic, economic, corporate, cost and property information and intelligence across key industry sectors and functions, and between towns, cities, regions and countries. These OMIS data sets underpin our bespoke client research, consultancy business and benchmarking projects.

OMIS carries out up to 50 bespoke location evaluation projects a year on behalf of clients. While some have an international or global perspective, the majority remain either UK-focused or have a European slant.

OMIS has a well-established and proven approach to evaluating, comparing, ranking and scoring locations and localities according to a client’s stated business needs and management preferences. This is based on a combination of our track record, client understanding, relevant analytical tools and proprietary location data sets.

Latest in-house research includes a long overdue update of our 'Changing Geography of Location' publication dating back to 1985. This documents changes and trends in UK-based corporate headquarters location preferences.

By the end of 2017, we also plan to publish an important new title for our portfolio ('From Decentralisation to Globalisation') describing client and sector experiences and outcomes in this respect that have taken place over the past 30 years.

This year also marks the 25th anniversary of our Best Locations for Business survey.

OMIS can provide in-depth demographic data, profiles and projections across many geographical areas.

We recently updated a major study of European population projections. By 2050, Europe's population could be 8 per cent smaller than it is today as declining fertility rates drop well below the levels needed for replenishment. By the end of the 21st century, there could be up to 100 million fewer Europeans (including Russians) than there are today. Shrinking of Europe's population will go hand-in-hand with ageing of the population. The inevitable rise in the ratio of elderly to working age adults is leading to speculation of a looming shortage of labour and impending 'demographic timebomb' in Europe.

Our HR studies cover all aspects of staff reward & recognition including:

  • Current basic pay by client role profile, employment status and experience level
  • Expected OTE by client role profile
  • Performance-related pay
  • Bonus schemes
  • Staff allowances
  • Overtime payments
  • Anti-social hours premiums
  • Employee benefits and equivalent cash values
  • Employee recognition and incentivisation schemes
  • Total reward

They can also consider ancilliary issues, such as:

  • Recent local recruitment campaigns
  • Recruitment lead times
  • Weekend working implications
  • Workforce flexibility rating
  • Staff attrition and absence rates
  • Competing employer measures
  • Accent/dialect issues
  • Other client considerations

OMIS Reward & Recognition Research reports can be prepared for single or multiple site locations and tailored to match a client's preferred catchment area, the travel-to-work area or any other geographical boundaries.

From our early work in property procurement processes to our latest best practice programme of industry standards for activity-specific property benchmarking, OMIS has a long track record in providing practical property research. We have devised various evaluation tools and research toolkits to assist clients with site selection, space planning, property benchmarking and evaluating total occupancy costs.

Our property research is a natural extension to our locations advice.

One example of a project hat has become an annual monitoring and benchmarking evaluation exercise is for a large publicly-quoted UK general insurance company. Three key cost metrics are of principal interest to the client, based specifically on comparison of similar-sized insurance sector contact centre buildings in the UK:

  • Running costs;
  • Rent; and
  • Costs per desk.

In the initial year, the scope of the study was limited to 15 comparable sites known to OMIS in 10 cities. By 2016, this annual benchmarking review had grown to 60 relevant buildings across 38 UK locations, all evaluated, validated and monitored by OMIS.

Our consultancy work varies from strategic best practice - in areas as diverse as network planning and international talent mapping, to group move policy-making, staff performance improvement and market saturation measurement - to offering practical advice and project assistance. Examples of our consultancy work in case study format can be downloaded from our web site by clicking here.

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